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If you want to make the most out of your business or private group trip, a cruise offers a cost-effective option. An exciting alternative to a standard land-based destination, cruising provides all the amenities and facilitates you’ll need to make your trip a success. Group Travel Experts’ connections within the cruise industry assures you’ll get the best deals on the finest cruise lines anywhere in the world.

Smooth sailing for business groups.

Group Travel Specialist travel agents provide turnkey cruise planning for business groups including travel to and from cruise lines, onboard meeting facilities and shore excursion planning. Group cruises offer business groups an ideal, focused environment to be their most productive. Comprehensive business tools are available on most cruise lines, including meeting rooms, video and presentation equipment and state-of-the-art internet and communication connections. When the work is done for the day, your group can truly relax and recharge with gourmet meals, live entertainment and memorable, private onshore excursions.

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